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Long-Lost François Sagat Video: Making The Pool Scene From Incubus (Parts 1 & 2)


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Here’s a very rare look at François letting down his guard and laughing, joking around and having fun while shooting the “Naked Underwater Wrestle” scene from Incubus.

I found this while cleaning out some old drives and it’s fascinating but fun… hot… and rather endearing to see François, Jesse Jackman, Christopher Daniels, Bruce Cam and Brian Mills all in the pool making the movie. I was just a quiet on-looker for this part. But This was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Here’s Part 2 of the video:

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10 years ago, but this is still accurate.


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Liam Knox and Eddy CeeTee in Sling


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The third and final scene in Sling. There isn’t much of a set up for this scene, Liam plays the furniture designed at the Jim Support warehouse (which is a real company and a real place where we shot) and Eddy plays the store manager (visit their store’s website here or in Palm Springs).

A couple lines to get them into the fuck bench and we’re ready to go. The action is hot… Liam and Eddy are both solid rocks of muscle and hair and thick dicks. Their chemistry and match up was perfect. We wanted to do a flip scene. Eddy wasn’t sure if he’d be able to do it. Liam’s dick is pretty big and Eddy hadn’t bottomed for a while. But when the time came, he took a big gulp and got in that sling. It took him a while to get used to Liam’s dick in his hole but when he finally opened up enough… WOW.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Lorenzo is COVERED in Jizz for this interview…with Dirk Caber


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After shooting the opening scene for our movie Cum Laude (coming to Titanmen very soon), I grabbed my camera to get a closeup of the HUGE cumshot that Dirk Caber had shot all over Lorenzo Flexx.

Then we had a short chat.

I love those guys, the scene is hot as hell and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Click Here to see Lorenzo’s scenes at Titanmen.

Click Here to see Dirk’s scenes.

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Steve Cruz’s Object Of Desire


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People often ask me if there’s drama between gay porn directors and no, not really.

I get along great with Chichi and I’m still friends with Jake Cruise and Dominic Ford. The guys from Gay Hoopla are still friends…

And Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond and I have been friends since before were were really directors. So yes… I try to watch all of his movies (it’s hard to keep up, he releases almost as many scenes, if not more, than I do.

But here’s a quick look at his latest

Without chemistry, there is no desire. It is the essential element of sexual connection. Director Steve Cruz hand-pairs eight intensely sexual men with their “Object of Desire” for Hard Friction’s most passionate erotic exploration yet. Scruffy hunk Mick Stallone gets pounded by Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario in a sizzling three-way. Sporty East-coast bro Jeff Powers buries his boner in Bruno Bernal’s Brazilian booty. Australian hunk Letterio Amadeo flip-flops with Mick Stallone in a passionate sexual exchange.

Bennett Anthony takes a wet rim job followed by a deep dicking from Caleb Daniels. Get ready to achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction with your ‘Object of Desire.’

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Gay Comic Geek reviews’s Pirates Of The Caribbean “Parody.”


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Not sure if it even counts as a “Parody,” but It looks great. Click Here to support Gay Comic Geek. 

Click Here to watch the movie at

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Class Comics: In Space, No One Can Hear You Cream


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Patrick Fillion launches yet another series, this time a space saga that features all the big dicks and butt sex we’ve come to expect from his work.

Star Crossed tells the story of FLAMER, who’s been sent on a mission to locate a “very important item,” and time is running out. Posing as a human sex slave for the Tolarian warlord DEKKOR, Flamer must infiltrate Dekkor’s stronghold….the survival of an entire species depends on it!

Flamer’s mission becomes even more complicated when Dekkor’s beefy twin sons EZZET and KRUEG kidnap LOCUS, Flamer’s backup.

So you know some butt sex is pretty much guaranteed.

Star Crossed is only available as a PDF at this point… you might have to wait for a print version. Check it out at Class Comics.

This comic also contains a 16 page bonus gallery and two extra “strip show” episdoes.

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We Won Some Grabbys


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I’m not in Chicago for either The Grabbys or IML, I’m taking a much-needed long weekend with my husband and dogs in Los Angeles.

But last night in Chicago, Titanmen took home three Grabby Awards. Jesse Jackman was there to receive the award for Best Screenplay (for OUT!) that he wrote with Keith Webb and me.

We had a really great time shooting ! (that stars Jesse Jackman as a gay major league baseball player who comes out in a live TV interview) and we’re really happy to have received an award for it.

The movie was a huge hit for us and was part of Titanmen revamping our brand and the way we shot and released movies.

My other win last night for for Rough Trade that won Best Fetish Movie.

That was an odd one. We teamed up with Rough Trade Gear to create a bit of a surrealist leather fantasy movie. We walked onto set without a real plan about what and how we were going to to it and just allowed the whole thing to happen as we did it… someone would throw out an idea for a short cut-away scene with someone taking a piss in the bathroom… we added a dildo scene with Dallas Steele… we shot some random footage together and let it organically grow as we went.

The end effect was something we all loved.

Finally… Alex Mecum and Matthew Bosch won “Best Flip Scene” for their duo in Cauke For Free. I still remember walking out of the room after that saying “That’s one of the best scenes I’ve ever shot.” Their natural chemistry together was jaw-dropping and the movie was a huge hit.

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Kayden Gray is HIV+ and That Changes Absolutely Nothing.


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Working in Sexual Health, Kayden finally bit the bullet and came out publicly as HIV+.

And good for him. Coming out as positive could affect his porn career and his work as an escort. But other than that… it doesn’t affect the way that we here at Dick Harden feel about him. He’s still a handsome, hot and top-notch performer and we’re happy to blog about his scenes.

Watch the video.. it’s rather beautifully unguarded and bluntly honest… and he’s right… being HIV+ doesn’t make you a “whore” nor does it mean anything about you at all. As I’ve told friends, family and strangers for over 25 years… the virus doesn’t care who you are or what you’re like… it’s not a judgment. It just is what it is.

We debated linking to a scene that he’s in on this post because we didn’t want to come across like we were trying to profit from such a serious video but we decided that NOT linking to his new scene would further the stigma that HIV+ men “shouldn’t be having sex.” And that’s just not true.

Besides, his new scene from Naked Sword’s Kiss And Tel Aviv is hot and we were going to be blogging about it, anyway. So.. here’s a few stills… check out the whole scene at Naked Sword.

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Iceland Wants Your


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Iceland is pretty much ahead of every curve in the world other than they’re the only country where the majority of people believe in faeries… which I guess could also put them ahead of the curve, too.

Anyway… here’s a short and sweet commercial advertising Icelandic tourism… featuring a gay couple and complete with a shot that looks like the earth ejaculating.

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