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Bruce tells Jasun “No.”


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The show was last month but we had a blast…

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(Making of) Jason Vario Fucks Bennett Anthony


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This was one of those scenes that all kinda managed to come together at the last minute into a rather stunning finished product. Originally, this scene was supposed to feature Jesse Jackman bottoming for Jason. Except Jesse had started to feel a bit sick when he arrived and by the morning we were to shoot this scene, Jesse was doubled over in his room with the flu. That wasn’t pretty.

Without time to bring anyone in to fill in at the last minute, we made a change: Bennet Anthony would be in two scenes in this movie (he’d already shot his first scene for it the day before with Adam Ramzi) and so would Jack Vidra. Bennett and Jack would play two red-head brothers who ran a pool cleaning service. We wrote a bit of a fun story to pull it all together and moved forward.

The second obstacle was the sunlight. Lighting a scene with two men whose skin tones are that different can present its own challenge… Bennett is a red head with very fair skin, Jason is a black man with a beautiful but totally different skin tone.. trying to properly shoot that to bring out the best in both of them is the primary job of porn cinematography… but adding blazingly-bright sunlight streaming through the palm trees made it even harder. We created a cantilevered scrim that hung directly above them but didn’t clutter my shots with support poles. We then hit it with as much light as we had from the front so the background didn’t get washed out…

I posted a video live from the set about the scrim here:


A LOT more after the jump…

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New Mixtape from Tristan Jaxx


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Earlier this month the news finally hit… Tristan Jaxx was returning to gay porn. I got to direct his first scene back. His scene partner was the unsinkable Luke Adams and while I remembered that Tristan was always fun to have on set, I’d honestly forgotten just how much of a pro he is… he did the entire scene without a break… never lost his boner, really, even when we had to stop to move around lights and gear.

I posted this pic to my Instagram and Twitter

…but I guess since we’re among friends, I can post the un-edited one to show that yes… Luke had that big banana dick up his butt:

I don’t have any BTS video from this scene yet, but here’s a Way-Back-Machine BTS clip I shot back in 2012.

If you don’t wanna wait, Check out his scene with Stany Falcone

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Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow


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A simple cocktail today… barely qualifies for the term. This is Plantation Rum (which is infused with pineapple bark, so it tastes like pineapple, but real pineapple… not fake candy flavor). I added a splash of cranberry bitters. And a big uncle-fuckin’ ice cube.

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Jason Vario tells us how to give the best Rim Job.


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Today. On the set of a movie I’m shooting to be released early next year (yeah, we’re always shooting way in advance so we can polish and perfect and pixel-fuck), Titanmen Exclusive Eric Nero and hunky Canadian kinda-newcomer Jason Vario delivered performances that I think are going to be HUGE hits.

Eric, I found out, REALLY loves a good cum facial. Like… REALLY loves it.

Anyway… while my crew were adjusting lights and moving cameras, I asked Jason for some tips on giving the best rim job. All you tops out there… pay attention… your job isn’t just to put your dick in a hole, no, your job is to make sure the bottom is… ready, willing, waiting, wanting and able.

So pay attention.

You can see Eric Nero and his scene-stealing performance in Pacific Coast.

Check out pics of Eric after the jump…

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Mr. Los Angeles Leather


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Back in 2009, I was Eagle LA. Mr. Leather. Had a great time that year… was a blast doing it and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

All these years later, they’re still asking me to host shows, contests and occasionally judge them..

Anyway.. this year I was asked to host with Bruce Beckham but I was ALSO asked if I could shoot a bit of a promotional video that they’d also use to open the contest… and here it is.

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