Making Cauke with Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario

This was the first scene I’d ever shot with Jason Vario (it’s still hard to spell his name with an O). Bruce Beckham had asked us to cast him in the upcoming movie because they wanted to do a scene together. And who wouldn’t want to see that?

This was an oddly-placed scene. It technically takes place at the same time as the scene before it in the movie, so the opening bit actually plays half-way through the Jesse Jackman/Alex Graham scene.

We had a bit of magic to deal with. The door Jason is guarding is actually the door into a bathroom and that’s a bedroom that we converted by removing the bed and moving in a couch. that was, in fact, Jason’s bedroom. The “alt-angle” shots through the door were actually shot two days later when we shot the Jesse/Alex scene. I just had to tell him “look directly into the camera like you’re seeing Jesse and Alex fuck but make a face like you’re getting your dick sucked.”

Shooting a sex scene in a small space on something small like a couch creates all sorts of logistical issues. We’re limited in angles (I have to have the guys laying perpendicular to my camera so getting shots from one side or the other requires me to move lights and gear from one side of the room to the other). We’re also limited in positions. But really, every shooting location other than a huge open room of boxes is “limiting in positions.”

Most of what you’re seeing it shot totally out of order. I’ll shoot each position from one angle and then move my lights and gear to the other end of the room and go back to shoot all three positions from that angle… then we get our specialty shots… closeups on penetration or POV shots.

Once THAT is all done, we’ll get our cumshots but those usually are hard to synchronize so we get one guy cumming and then the other.

Jason and Bruce had fantastic chemistry. The suits added a lot to the scene but their sexual energy together was so great, it could have been in a blank room and still have been a hot scene.

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