Making Parole with Jesse Jackman and Lorenzo Flexx.


We had a lot of fun shooting this one, although that location comes with a lot of its own geographical problems. Shooting outside is always rough. Sun needs to be scrimmed out, there’s noise and a mighty wind can come up and blow all your gear over if it’s not secured down properly.

We had the scrim placed on the rafters over the action in the courtyard in that house (which has since been demolished to build a new one). We had to keep stopping the action to move the scrim with the sun and a high wind gust came up in the afternoon that almost knocked over all our lights.

But we did get the scene shot.

Jesse is huge. HUGE. Lorenzo is a much smaller guy with a similar build. Shooting men who are that different in size comes with a lot of its own challenges to shoot it well. Getting the top low enough and the bottom high enough for bend-over positions, getting them in a well-placed area so the top doesn’t over-shadow him too much. The good thing was that these guys had great chemistry so it all went down pretty well.

This is a sequel, of sorts, to my movie Jail Break. Jesse plays the same character in this movie.

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