My Desk Today.

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Shooting outside always has its challenges. Sunlight is your friend and enemy. Noise and wind and random clouds. The stars dehydrating and your crew sun burning.

But today we got it done. A very hot scene for our movie Pool (working title) that will come out in the spring. Bennett Anthony and Jason Vario were amazing. I have to give special props to Bennett who came on board at the last minute replacing the sick Jesse Jackman. He shot yesterday with Adam Ramzzi and he’s shooting again tomorrow. May god have mercy on his hole

anyway… as the sun moves, so does the shadow of the scrim and we have to reshuffle non-stop. But my crew pulled it out and we got a great scene with some amazing footage and two perfect cumshots.

There are times I do camera but usually I’m behind the monitors directing the action. And this… is my desk .


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