Silverlake. The Fourth and Final Scene

It’s kinda bittersweet seeing the end of Silverlake, the movie that David Benjamin and I wrote and shot together. We wanted to give a back story to his character from Cauke For President and see how his life changed after the campaign flame out.

“Mark” moved to Los Angeles and to my own beloved neighborhood of Silverlake. Some people pointed out that the real official spelling is “Silver Lake,” but our one-word title is more of a nod to the way the locals spell it.


After finding a new house, hooking up with the tattooed hipster locals and hooking up with a former co-worker, Mark finally asks out his neighbor and finds his Mr. Right.

We had a lot of fun shooting this movie and all of the extra story telling bits just made it worth the wait. We’ve slowly rolled this one out over a few months.

As for the rest of the characters from Cauke For President, you can see that story sewn up starting November 1st.

The action in this scene is great. The guys are really into each other and it shows. Mitch’s dick slams hard into David’s asshole and David is all smiles the whole time. I managed to make the most of the more open space that I had to work with, guys on the floor, nice wide and high camera angles. We shot this in a loft in downtown Los Angeles so you can hear the traffic (that’s not foley) and it adds to the whole feeling of the scene.

Two big cum shots and Mark Rollins’ story comes to an end.


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