This clip totally sums up my job.


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People ask me this all the time… “what’s it like on set?”

This 30-second clip kinda sums up a lot of it… hot men having sex in front of you while you have to keep herding them back in front of the camera so you can get a porn movie made.

You can see the COMPLETE scene at Titanmen if you Click Here. 

We laugh a lot. We take breaks when the guys need to, we move cameras and lights and joke around a lot while it’s all happening. We also find a way to get that perfect balance between “hot sex” and “professional workplace.”

No… I never have sex with the stars, in case you wanted to know.

One of the most fun things, honestly, is how we all bond on set when we’re not shooting. There’s a buffet dinner every night and sometimes the stars help us cook (Keith does most of that, he’s great) and we’ll have movie nights or go out for drinks when we wrap. We call it “Gay Porn Summer Camp” and it’s a blast. Best job ever.

And not just because of the hot men with big dicks around all over the place.

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This clip is from the making of my latest movie Say Uncle.  Very proud of this movie… four really top-notch scenes including the bottoming debut of Eddy CeeTee, two scenes with Matthew Bosch and two scenes with the adorable Luke Adams.


uncl_bts_luketex_1479 uncl_bts_luketex_1517 uncl_bts_luketex_1523 uncl_bts_luketex_1528 uncl_bts_luketex_1535 uncl_bts_luketex_1539 uncl_bts_luketex_1559 uncl_bts_luketex_1560 uncl_bts_luketex_1562 uncl_bts_luketex_1564 uncl_bts_luketex_1567 uncl_bts_luketex_1569 uncl_bts_luketex_1577 uncl_bts_luketex_1597 uncl_bts_luketex_1600 uncl_bts_luketex_1607 uncl_bts_luketex_1609

I got to do a couple dun drone shots with this movie but the best part is honestly the younger/older action that people have been asking to see again… and again.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Keep reading after the jump for a full gallery of pics from the movie.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Last modified: Apr 29, 2017

  • August

    Hey Jason, it’s August from the Gay Daily Hot blog. Needed to stop following you on Twitter because of the porn you posted (which I liked of course) since it was being seen by peeps that follow me there. I follow you on FB now so that’s how I found out about your great new blog. Love it. One of the reasons I stopped commenting/following GDH was because you stopped having time to do your personal blogging,which I totally understood since you took on the job of directing for Titan. Glad to see you’re at it again. I love seeing your personal perspective and behind the scenes of the movies you shoot. Congrats on all the great work you’ve been doing at Titan!

    • Jasun Mark

      Thanks so much, man… I actually left GDH about 4 years ago. It’s all John, now. I didn’t have the time to really pull my full weight and I was ready to dial it all back to just focusing on making movies for Titan. Now I feel like I’m ready to step forward and bit.. we’ll see how this all goes.