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This clip totally sums up my job.


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People ask me this all the time… “what’s it like on set?”

This 30-second clip kinda sums up a lot of it… hot men having sex in front of you while you have to keep herding them back in front of the camera so you can get a porn movie made.

You can see the COMPLETE scene at Titanmen if you Click Here. 

We laugh a lot. We take breaks when the guys need to, we move cameras and lights and joke around a lot while it’s all happening. We also find a way to get that perfect balance between “hot sex” and “professional workplace.”

No… I never have sex with the stars, in case you wanted to know.

One of the most fun things, honestly, is how we all bond on set when we’re not shooting. There’s a buffet dinner every night and sometimes the stars help us cook (Keith does most of that, he’s great) and we’ll have movie nights or go out for drinks when we wrap. We call it “Gay Porn Summer Camp” and it’s a blast. Best job ever.

And not just because of the hot men with big dicks around all over the place.

uncl_bts_luketex_1487 uncl_bts_luketex_1492 uncl_bts_luketex_1494 uncl_bts_luketex_1506

This clip is from the making of my latest movie Say Uncle.  Very proud of this movie… four really top-notch scenes including the bottoming debut of Eddy CeeTee, two scenes with Matthew Bosch and two scenes with the adorable Luke Adams.


uncl_bts_luketex_1479 uncl_bts_luketex_1517 uncl_bts_luketex_1523 uncl_bts_luketex_1528 uncl_bts_luketex_1535 uncl_bts_luketex_1539 uncl_bts_luketex_1559 uncl_bts_luketex_1560 uncl_bts_luketex_1562 uncl_bts_luketex_1564 uncl_bts_luketex_1567 uncl_bts_luketex_1569 uncl_bts_luketex_1577 uncl_bts_luketex_1597 uncl_bts_luketex_1600 uncl_bts_luketex_1607 uncl_bts_luketex_1609

I got to do a couple dun drone shots with this movie but the best part is honestly the younger/older action that people have been asking to see again… and again.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Keep reading after the jump for a full gallery of pics from the movie.

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Pro Skateboarder Biran Anderson comes out as Gay.


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A rather sweet interview with recently-out gay skateboarder Brian Anderson. Now… someone find his sex tape, we love those scrappy tough guys.


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MTV skewers “Straight Acting” gay men with “American Male” short.


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It’s a bit hard to watch. We’ve mostly all been there. Many of us grew out of it. Many of us didn’t.

Be the man you are. Love the person you are. Let them see the real you. It’ll be easier when you don’t care what they think.


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Lady Gaga releases a new song “Perfect Illusion.”


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No name for the album as of yet, but Lady Gaga has finally dropped a new single from it.

A much more raw-sounding rock track than anything from her previous albums, Perfect Illusion is shows us what producer Mark Ronson meant when he said this album would be “more analog” than before.

Last week Lady Gaga tweeted out what we believe is a still from the already-shot video for this track… we should have the new album in our hands by Thanksgiving.


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GLBT cover of Katy Perry’s Rise


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This rather stunning cover of the Katy Perry Olympic theme is… dare we say… better than the actual original.

Featuring Superfruit, Mary Lambert, Mario Jose and America’s Got Talent contestant Brian Justin Crum.


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If only I had a stepdad like that…


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Or a friend with a dad like Dirk Caber – ugh… those beautiful blue eyes. Those alone are enough to get me hard, but the muscles and dick are just an added bonus.

21 17 8 5

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New Landlord


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Dennis West is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his apartment. His new landlord Jimmy Durano has just served him an eviction notice. Jimmy has something in mind that will help him forget the notice he just served—something specific involving his rock hard cock penetrating Dennis’ tight ass. Who knew keeping your rent controlled apartment could be so…pleasurable.


Hell – If Jimmy Durano was my landlord, I would do the same

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Fuckemon GO


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I was waiting for this to happen – knew it would only be a matter of time before Pokémon GO got turned into a porn – and I must say it is AWESOME – Men.Com presents – FuckemonGO!


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