The Three Bears

Co8WTpXWcAElQQe.jpg-largeThe third and final scene in Package features a 3-way between three muscular and hairy men… Dirk Caber, Max Sergent and Hunter Marx.

The setup is a simple one that ties into the other scenes in the movie. Dirk Caber is a policeman who pretends there’s a noise complaint at the house of Hunter Marx so he can go get some tail. Joining in the fun is Hunter’s friend Max Sergent.


This isn’t the first time Hunter and Dirk have been paired together, but their chemistry is perfect and the action is bang-on. We had a great time shooting this movie and the men were all perfect (the cast is rounded out by Titanmen exclusive Matthew Bosch in the first and second scenes).

Download the whole scene at Titanmen here.

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