Well, that confirms it. Orlando Bloom IS uncut.


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All we needed to know, really.


And as we know… if you want your own naked paradise where all the guys are hanging out naked, go to Island House in Key West


Last modified: Apr 26, 2017

  • Heather Moon

    No. He’s intact. He’s not “uncut” any more than you’re “unbeheaded”. Also, why is anyone surprised? The barbaric practice of cutting babies isn’t practice in the majority of the world.

    • disqus_v2yFKlPfST

      It’s just an American thing. But not barbaric. That’s ridiculous. Unless it’s their kid, nobody has a right to judge what medical procedures parents choose or don’t choose for their kids.

      • lipsy2

        Circumcision is NOT a parental choice. Just as a parent cannot remove any other healthy body part. Why is male genitalia an American exemption?

      • Bryce

        Routine circumcision is NOT a “medical procedure”; it’s a surgery that’s done in the absence of a medical necessity. And if parents wanted to cut their baby girl, you wouldn’t be saying that others have no right to judge. People ALWAYS have the right to judge something they view as child abuse. And genital cutting without a medical need is mutilation, barbaric, and abusive. Causing pain without a medical indication, and permanently altering the body of another person without their permission cannot be justified by tradition. That’s not a “choice” that should be made by anyone except the owner of the penis!

  • Nancy Keeler

    Where is this that he can just go buck naked?

    • ElenorRigby

      Apparently he’s on vacation in Greece or something.

      • GreenBag Rifai

        I misread “vacation” as “vatican”…

    • Riita Müller-Zwoo

      Could be a lot of places in Olde Europe.

  • einnoc22

    Not “uncut” … He’s natural and normal…like 80% of the men on the planet. His parents weren’t manipulated by an ignorant, greedy, sadistic medical community…

  • Is that even legal? To not be mutilated I mean. It scares me. I think someone should do something about it.

    • You’re asking if it’s legal to not have mutilated genitals?

      • I was joking. Circumisers should be in jail.

    • Jhon Murdock

      The Mutilation Matrix is choking in narcissistic frustration.

  • gamelas

    Intact is where its at! Smart parents aren’t cutting babies in 2016. http://Www.sexasnatureintendedit.com

  • Karen Speed

    Yes! He’s intact!
    Awesome. <3

  • MMathews

    Dammit he is uncut, yuck….cut cock is way more attractive and fun, just sayin…

    • Max Roberts

      Most would disagree, a man who has his whole, natural penis feels more sensation, pleasure and I would say, has more fun. You are just conditioned to seeing a surgically altered penis which is not normal.

      • MMathews

        We will have to agree to disagree. Uncut is not as attractive and sucking cut is much more pleasing. That is the truth.

        • bizoune

          You have no idea what your missing… All my favorite lovers were intact.

          • Cassie Helms

            I know what I’m missing. No pleasure for me whatsoever and sucking that thing is just wierd.

          • “sucking that thing is just weird.”

            Says the uncircumcised woman.

          • China Blue

            But i bet you like somebody munching on those floppy nasty meat flaps!

          • Jhon Murdock

            A foreskin is the world’s best bimbo repellent!

          • bizoune

            Pour Champagne in it!

          • bizoune

            Why don’t you cut off your labia?

        • Someone should tell your partner/s about running water.

          • GreenBag Rifai

            Implying what?

          • If your displeasure was about taste or smell, running water makes both equally pleasant to those senses, but a whole one, with its sensitive moving part, is more pleasing.

        • Freedom321

          It’s no fun sucking when it gives your lover no pleasure. In other words, when he has had his foreskin removed, so his glans have become keratinized and thus cannot feel pleasure sensation anyplace beyond his scar. When a man has his birth penis, his glans are protected and remain soft and highly sensitive to the delicate touch of of the tongue. And if you think your lover still has plenty of feeling, just wait a few years, and the constant rubbing against his underwear will gradually cause him to lose all sensation. Furthermore, the foreskin itself is even more erogenous than the glans, and contains the male g spot. Did you know men can orgasm just from lightly rubbing a particular spot on the inner foreskin, much like females can with their clitoris?

          • MMathews

            Never had a complaint so it works as good you say it does, but without foreskin

          • Freedom321

            Just wait a few years, without the protection of the foreskin, your glans, in an attempt to create their own protective covering, which was ruthlessly stolen, will become keratinized, or basically, calloused. But you can work on restoration, which, while not able to replace your g spot, and the 20,000 nerve endings, can restore a protective covering, and keep your glans soft and sensitive. It will also make sex more enjoyable for your partner, because it will return the gliding action that your original penis would have had.



          • “Never had a complaint” is no great compliment. Most women are taught to be tactful to men about their parts.
            “I left him to his singing, hurried home without a pause: Never tell a man the truth about the one that he adores.” – Michael Flanders & Donald Swann, “Armadillo”

          • Jörg Fenske

            what does the Egg know about the Chickens Life?

    • Sure you’re just sayin’ and you’re just wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but all the great Renaissance artists disagreed with you, even putting foreskins back on men who historically would not have had them. And clearly, a moving part is more fun than an static rod.

    • Good thing you’re gay. You would absolutely gag on vaginas.

      • Jhon Murdock

        I loves my Ina and her comestible vagina!

    • Bryce

      Disagree. A normal, intact penis is more attractive to me. Not into scars or the dried rubbery look of a cut dick. Plus there’s less there to “play with”, they are thinner, less sensitive, and it’s harder to jerk them off. Foreskin has so many more advantages in terms of functionality and looks.

  • Karen

    He is not “uncut”, he is simply normal.

  • Too bad I cannot post this for all my health nut readers : ) But think it might be a bit overwhelming for them! : )

  • Lex Rockwell

    Wow, I’m shocked that a BRITISH man has his whole penis. (Not at all, actually.)

  • Vee

    He’s all natural <3 I'm in love! Nothing better than an intact, unmutilated member!

  • Ouellette

    What a hottie, from head to toe! Ps. Foreskin greatly adds to sexual pleasure for both partners. Sexasnatureintendedit.com

  • Tiina

    What a shame…. He should fix it.

    • Fix what? Most women are uncircumcised too, having all their wrinkly, oftentimes moist folds of skin on their genitals. Should they “fix it” too?

      • We should all be carved into streamlined torsos for maximum efficiency. No need for heads either. Cows don’t need their brains to fulfill their function.

      • Cristiano Pereira

        FUCK. What a hammering of that fuck! Beautiful! Go get them. These burger looking vagina holders don’t say shit when we talk about they fucked up labia that looks like mauled meat. They they whine about a bit of fucking skin.

        • Tiffani Cali

          It doesn’t need to be “fixed” However Cristiano, you sound like quite a douche bag.

          • He was responding to the lady above who said “he should fix it.” His tirade was altogether fair game.

    • Bryce

      Your comment is a shame. You should fix your brain!

  • GreenBag Rifai

    Well of course he is. He’s British.

  • Daniel

    You know, there’s nothing wrong with cut or uncut (which by the way is perfect acceptable terminology so get over yourselves)…Uncut penis can get gross and smell and before any of you say you just need to take care of it, let’s be honest and admit that a lot of uncut guys don’t proper maintain themselves. It’s just as wrong for uncut/non-american/etc people to imply there’s something wrong with circumcision as it is for anyone to say that uncut is gross. Both are perfectly fine and acceptable. It is totally up to the individual person dealing with said penis to decide if it’s what they are into. And it IS a parents choice (whatever their reason may be) to decide whether to circumcise their child or not…stop being a bunch of judgmental assholes and just enjoy the nice big penis he has.

    • Bryce

      No it’s not acceptable terminology. Terminology that is grammatically and biologically incorrect should not be deemed acceptable just because ignorance made it popular. There is no such thing as uncut unless you’re talking about a diamond. People are born intact. Getting cut is something that happens to them, it is not a natural state. And no, circumcision is NOT fine or acceptable unless it was the decision of the owner of the penis. Parents have no right to mutilate their daughters. Likewise they should have no right to mutilate their sons. Their preference is irrelevant to what is morally and ethically correct. Child abuse must always be judged and condemned. And that’s what forced, genital cutting in the absence of a medical need is, ABUSE!

    • Jörg Fenske

      who is the bigger judgemental asshole – those you just discuss Law Issues and try to protect Child from harm or those who empower themselfs to make lifelong decission about the body of their child..
      and stop with it is legal. In the third Reich there was alot of fucked up Stuff perfectly legal – still it was wrong and barbaric.