It’s a Series Of Tubes – Roundup of the best Videos This Week

Randy Rainbow skewers the disastrous appearance of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s sputtering robot, on a career-defining interview with Brianna Kevlar on CNN.

I’ll be making my own video about Gay-For-Pay performers where I actually talk about my own actual experiences MAKING gay porn with the gay-for-payers. A bit confusing why it seems to suggest that Alex Mecum is straight (he’s not).

Kiss The Girl from Little Mermaid sung in a minor key becomes a horrifying date rape anthem.

Yes, it’s me, dammit. Here’s the Return Of Shut Up, Jasun as I try Swedish Fish Oreos.

Greg Rutherford – Team GB

I think I found a new one to watch. I’m sitting here in a hotel in Colorado watching the games before I head out to my next event. It just so happens that some of the Track and Field events are on. I get a glimpse of this guy on screen. I have a bit of a weakness for hot Gingers, and he’s British – so there’s another weakness. Looks like I’ll be cheering for Team GB for some of these track events!

Great Britan's Greg Rutherford is gunning for his second Olympic long jump title.

Great Britan’s Greg Rutherford is gunning for his second Olympic long jump title.


Those Olympic Bulges

Lets take some time to admire what the men of the Olympics are packing… australia-mens-sculling-team candaian rowing london-bulges wrestler_bulge

It’s not the Olympics without Michael


I know we’re spending a lot of time at the pools and in the gym, but the wrestling doesn’t kick in until week 2 of the Games, and I’m still waiting to see Rugby. But Damn, Michael Phelps… I can stare at that all day.


Hillary’s America: Loved Ones

Take that, Donald.

Back to the Pool – Rio 2016


Team Greece

hungary water polo

Team Hungary

water polo

Team USA

Water Polo – this has been an over looked aquatic sport for me during the games in the past… but not anymore. Also looking forward to some of the other games as well – Wrestling, Rugby, more swimming, diving and gymnastics, Track and field events.