Making Package: Scene 2 – Dirk Caber in a Cop Uniform

Package is our light-hearted summer movie about the UPS delivery guy who makes a delivery to Hunter Marx (in a Meta performance playing himself).

In scene two, Matthew is back home jerking off to one of the DVDs he got from Hunter when his hunky policeman boyfriend comes home and catches him already hard and ready to go… so they go.


Matthew’s dick is huge, thick, uncut. Rather amazing, really. I wanted to showcase it hard and slamming up and down as much as possible. A Reverse sit-down position looks great but it’s hell on the quads… The men were up to the challenge and Matt’s dick looks incredible doing “the helicopter.”


I had to do a couple digital magic things with this scene. We had a TV on the wall but no DVD player, so I just shot a blank wall and added the video later along with some random light reflections to make it look more real.

But aside from a few counterpoint camera angles for the dialogue, this was a pretty straight forward hardcore fuck scene. Dirk and Matt have known each other for a while, so they had sex like a couple who knew each other. There was a great familiarity between them. Worked perfectly.

You can watch the whole scene at Titanmen.com

pkge_action_DirkMatt_0329 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0405 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0421 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0503 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0550 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0647 pkge_action_DirkMatt_0676 pkge_sc_DirkMatt_020 pkge_sc_DirkMatt_024 pkge_sc_DirkMatt_031

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