The Parodies of Men.Com

With the release of some decent blockbuster movies, Men.Com has branched into the parody world. We’ve all had those fantasies of being fucked by a superhero or stormtrooper and Men.com went there. At first, when I heard about the Star Wars parody, I had some reservations. But I was pleasantly pleased with the way it was done. Even though I’m not a big Star Wars fan, the costumes were on point for the real deal. Of course the models and were great for their roles, and all the action got me hard and worked up.
So far their parody list incudes Star Wars, X-Men, Superman v. Batman, Captain America and Tarzan. Things that have made them a hit for me range from things like costumes to casting… Stormtrooper costumes in Star Wars were PERFECT and having Paddy O’Brian as one of them was great. Diego Sans makes an AMAZING Tarzan, and Alex Mecum is perfect for Cap.
Superman v. Batman had great casting as well with Trenton Ducati as Batman and Topher DiMaggio as one sexy Superman. The only issue I had with this one was the Superman costume… it didn’t do anything for Topher. He’s got a great body and there were times it just looked like Superman pajamas on him.

Check them out for yourself if you haven’t already – I’m interested to see what they come up with next!

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