I Kissed A Boy – Titanmen Kar Karaoke

Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber were in shooting with us at Titanmen. It was a very long, grueling and exhausting week but typical to Titanmen, we never stopped laughing and smiling and having fun while we shot some really great stuff. This was shot literally the last thing we did that week. When we got back to the house, I dropped them off and headed to my own place in Vista Las Palmas for a weekend of heavy relaxing with a bunch of friends.

The reason it looks like it was shot through Instagram filters is that I’d spent a some time shooting Dirk diving into the pool from below and I didn’t fix the white balance or auto-aperture. Normally I’d say we should do it again, but this was fun and spontaneous enough that we figured… meh…

Besides, they live in Boston and I live in Los Angeles and that would be a long road trip.

Before anyone asks… yes, we’re all gay and Dirk and Jesse are married to each other.

The original recording is by Cobra Starship.

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