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3 Eras of Gay Sex in 3 Minutes.


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An Original Three-minute Film by Leo Herrera Visually Spans The History of Homosensual Communication from Pre-Stonewall to Present Day. This is a rather beautifully done short film about how gay sex and sexual interaction has changed over the last few decades.

Read more at the Herrera Images Vimeo page…

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Dean Monroe for Boy Butter. No, really. This is a real commercial.


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I adore Dean, he’s the star of three of my favorite scenes I’ve ever directed.

with Morgan Black (here), with Kevin Crows (here) and (easily in my top 3) with John Magnum and Devin Draz (here).

Boy Butter is calling this “the first gay infomercial,” and it’s apparently going to run on American TV in 2015.

Oh. Oh my…

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