Day Three: More Trailer Park Boys

Three scenes down and one to go. Today’s shoot is one of the more ambitious scenes I’ve ever shot. No details until we’re done… I don’t wanna promise anything until I know I can deliver. But this week my crew and cast have been amazing and shown how great we can be when we work together as a team. A new problem rises up and everyone rises to the occasion to come up with a solution, we finish and before I have the chance to say “Let’s start tearing down,” everyone is already hard at it. Feeling great about this shoot. If not a bit sunburnt.

It was over 90° today in Altadena while we were shooting. And with the sun blazing right at us from behind the scrim (that could only block out so much), it was a harsh day.

We also had a lightbulb get sprinkled from one of the showers and explode at the feet of the stars.

But Jesse Jackman was back which is always fun and Donnie Dean is always fun to work with.

So it was worth the fighting for the scene…



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