Day Zero – Heading Back Into Production.

Well my Key West vacation was… well, laid back and mostly relaxing aside from having to take off a couple days to sign two new exclusives to the Titanmen roster… I spent the bulk of my time reading books while drinking myself immobile. Just how I like it. (for the record, The Vines by Christopher Rice, The Cassinni Incident by Rob Colton and I re-read Generation X by Douglas Coupland before diving into his bizarre follow-up Generation A)

But now that that’s all done, today is the pre-production day for my next production run. We’re shooting up in Altadena which some of you might recognize as the location I used for both the Park Sex scene from Nightfall and the Green Man scene from Wide Awake. This will be my first return to that location now that I’m running the show. So I’m now responsible for everything that happens and have to keep everything moving forward. A bit of a daunting task, honestly, and while I’ve been doing this job since the Spring, I still occasionally have that “I’m drowning” feeling. I know it’s silly, but wanting to do the best job you can every time is what makes the job a challenge. What makes any job worth doing is the feeling that it’s just beyond your ability to pull it all off.

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