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Day Three: More Trailer Park Boys


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Three scenes down and one to go. Today’s shoot is one of the more ambitious scenes I’ve ever shot. No details until we’re done… I don’t wanna promise anything until I know I can deliver. But this week my crew and cast have been amazing and shown how great we can be when we work together as a team. A new problem rises up and everyone rises to the occasion to come up with a solution, we finish and before I have the chance to say “Let’s start tearing down,” everyone is already hard at it. Feeling great about this shoot. If not a bit sunburnt.

It was over 90° today in Altadena while we were shooting. And with the sun blazing right at us from behind the scrim (that could only block out so much), it was a harsh day.

We also had a lightbulb get sprinkled from one of the showers and explode at the feet of the stars.

But Jesse Jackman was back which is always fun and Donnie Dean is always fun to work with.

So it was worth the fighting for the scene…



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Day Two – Trailer Park Boys


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I honestly have no idea what I’m going to call this movie. At all.

What I know is that the many times I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at my friend’s place up in Altadena, I’ve passed by the old 1960s trailer/camper and wanted to do a scene in it. Now, inside is just not an option. It’s tiny in there and we wouldn’t be able to fit gear, crew, lights and stars in unless we were shooting two very short men with GoPro cameras.

Although that might be kinda hot.

The outside presented totally different challenges. The front of the camper is shielded with numerous fruit trees that would make it very difficult to put a scrim in place to block out sun and shadows, the space in front is pretty limited and the wooden porch is old and kinda rickety.

And while I always wanted to try before, I wasn’t running the show and the answer I got was “no.”

Well I’m running the show and I decided I’d shoot a scene there no matter what, dammit. And I did.

My crew were amazing. They managed to snake that massive scrim into place and got it raised high enough to block out all the direct sunlight for the whole day. They managed to find ways to shoot a very wide rather beautiful frame without getting any of the gear in the way. This is when I point out that my crew are all friends whose “real day jobs” are working for major, mainstream movie studios.   These are guys who are used to big-name directors throwing tantrums around them while they try to lug around gear. So working for me while trying to not get hit in the face with a dick is about as fun as it gets for them.

The added bonus is that I’m on set all day with my friends so we spend almost as much time laughing as we do working. And there’s nothing more fun than going out for a drink with your buddies after shooting video of men fucking all day.

Tomorrow, Jesse Jackman arrives.

(the guy in the pictures here is new Titanmen star Eric Nero and Ricky Decker in his first-ever Titanmen appearance.)

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Day One – Bad Cop


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A great start to a short four-day production run here in Los Angeles. Shot the third and final scene for my movie tentatively called Bad Cop that stars Hunter Marx, Damien Stone, Nick Prescott, Adam Herst, Ricky Decker and Donnie Dean.

One thing a few people have asked me is “how long before the scenes get released?”

My answer is “how long is a piece of rope?”

There’s no set time release (I’m still sitting on a two year-old scene with Rogue Status and Warrick Cade for a motorcycle movie I never got around to finishing) but you should see the results of my new 2014 productions very soon now that I’ve finally got a few movies finished.

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Day Zero – Heading Back Into Production.


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Well my Key West vacation was… well, laid back and mostly relaxing aside from having to take off a couple days to sign two new exclusives to the Titanmen roster… I spent the bulk of my time reading books while drinking myself immobile. Just how I like it. (for the record, The Vines by Christopher Rice, The Cassinni Incident by Rob Colton and I re-read Generation X by Douglas Coupland before diving into his bizarre follow-up Generation A)

But now that that’s all done, today is the pre-production day for my next production run. We’re shooting up in Altadena which some of you might recognize as the location I used for both the Park Sex scene from Nightfall and the Green Man scene from Wide Awake. This will be my first return to that location now that I’m running the show. So I’m now responsible for everything that happens and have to keep everything moving forward. A bit of a daunting task, honestly, and while I’ve been doing this job since the Spring, I still occasionally have that “I’m drowning” feeling. I know it’s silly, but wanting to do the best job you can every time is what makes the job a challenge. What makes any job worth doing is the feeling that it’s just beyond your ability to pull it all off.

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Nothing. Just my usual Friday shopping.


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image“I dunno what you’re planning, Jasun, but leave me out of it.”

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If I did Porn Parodies of every David Fincher movie…


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David Fincher is my favorite living director. I’ve hung on every one of his movies since his first (Alien3) until the most recent Gone Girl. I’m still hoping that the success of Gone Girl will lead to a second Dragon Tattoo movie, but I’ll be happy to see him do anything.

IMG_4790But… I mean, I do make porn and what it porn without the odd parody? While I’ve never actually made a porn parody before, I’m not totally opposed to the idea. I even had hoped to work on a second Whorry Potter movie with Dominic Ford and even offered to do a walk-on.

So this brings me back to David Fincher. If was going to make a parody, I’d probably want to use my favorite director as inspiration so it would make sense that his movies would be where I’d start. (my favorite director ever was Kubrick but his one venture into porn, the abysmal Eyes Wide Shut, showed that you can’t make Kubrick sexy even if you’e Kubrick. My “runner up” director would be Terry Gilliam but not sure how one could turn any of those into porn movies, either. Aside from maybe 12 Monkeys, and even that would be a stretch.)

And then… the titles. A good porn parody is nothing without a good title. You have to know what movie it’s referencing and the title has to be funny and a dirty innuendo. So… if I did parodies of the 10 David Fincher movies… this is what I’d call them….

1. Fight Club – Fuck Club
2. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – The Guy With The Drag Queen Tattoo
3. Gone Girl – Gone Gay
4. Alien3  – Gaylien3
5. The Game – The Gay
6. Se7en – Se7en Inch”s
7. Zodiac – Jake Gyllenhaal fucked in a basement by a tatted-up Pagan who owns a rep movie house, who cares what it’s called?
8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – The Curious Taste of Benjamin Bottom
9. Panic Room – Play Room
10. The Social Network – Grindr.


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Dick: The Documentary


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For “Dick: The Documentary“Brian Fender interviewed 63 men, between 22 and 82 who all stripped down to “reveal themselves physically and emotionally” through personal stories about their “relationship” to their dick.

Ok so… while I’m probably a lot more open about showing my dick than most people, I’m not entirely sure that just walking about naked is exactly an “emotional” experience.

Mind you, I say this from the side of the pool at a nude resort in Key West where everyone including the waiter is naked.

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My United Airlines First World Problems


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Ugh. Doesn’t mean I’m not pissed off.

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