Good Morning…

So yesterday was quite a whirlwind of a day and I crawled my ass into bed by about 11 and slept like a corpse. While the fresh, dry air in Palm Springs will help you sleep really well here, I had quite the day yesterday. But that porn ain’t gonna make itself so I’m already back at it.

New Titanmen performer Tyler Rush just arrived at the airport last night and we’re going to shoot a scene with him and Hans Berlin.

So today started like every other day. Dragging my sorry ass out of bed, making my morning “Green Man Smoothie” (2 big handfuls of baby kale, half a banana, 5 frozen strawberries, almond milk, unsweetened chocolate powder and a tablespoon of ground flax seed), a cup of coffee – black like my heart, and a few minutes of half-assed pushups and lunges.

Wish me luck, gents…


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