Morning Wood… doing my first viewing of the new Titanmen movie

Doing the first viewing of my new movie Morning Wood. So far looking great. I’m my own worst critic and I’m obsessing over the colour balance in the first scene. I do that.

I’m generally not there for the whole editing process which takes place at the Titanmen studio in San Francisco. That means that I’m always having to watch clips of work once the editing is done and then make my comments or suggestions. Some movies I have a HUGE part in editing like Dick Danger and Nightfall. Other movies like Working Stiffs and Wide Awake, I just edited the story telling parts and then let the editing team handle the sex parts.

This is one of those movies that was pretty straight forward (it’s a collection of scenes that celebrate how much fun it is to fuck first thing in the morning). So since I was busy in production shooting my two up-coming movies Bad Cop and Hardly Working, I took a total back seat to the editing of this movie. Which means that I have limited control of what the final product looks like.

Now… I want to be very careful to point out that TP is a fantastic editor and having his touch on it was great… he know exactly what I wanted to show and is able to carve out my work from the raw material I gave him.

Still… I’m always obsessing about colour correction and certain cut-aways… It’s my thing.

You can see the finished movie soon at Titanmen.

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