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Production run finished.


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Production run finished. Instead of heading back to LA, Carlo is coming out and bringing the boys and we’re having a quiet family weekend here in Palm Springs. Ah. That’s better.

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The Men of “Morning Wood.”


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Here it is… My new Titanmen movie Morning Wood. I had originally wanted to call it “Morningwood” and make it into a sort of soap opera parody set in the coastal town of Morningwood. However… as my work schedule exploded once I became head of production here at Titan… a few of my silly projects had to be scaled back a bit (I’m still planning on Dick Danger 2: Return Of the Dick, though).

I’m still left with three really hot scenes that all take place with men in the morning. We all have some morning wood, right?

Starring Jesse Jackman, Tom Wolfe, Dario Beck, Nick Prescott, Josh West and Tyler Edwards.

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Good Morning…


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So yesterday was quite a whirlwind of a day and I crawled my ass into bed by about 11 and slept like a corpse. While the fresh, dry air in Palm Springs will help you sleep really well here, I had quite the day yesterday. But that porn ain’t gonna make itself so I’m already back at it.

New Titanmen performer Tyler Rush just arrived at the airport last night and we’re going to shoot a scene with him and Hans Berlin.

So today started like every other day. Dragging my sorry ass out of bed, making my morning “Green Man Smoothie” (2 big handfuls of baby kale, half a banana, 5 frozen strawberries, almond milk, unsweetened chocolate powder and a tablespoon of ground flax seed), a cup of coffee – black like my heart, and a few minutes of half-assed pushups and lunges.

Wish me luck, gents…


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Shut Up, Jasun: Hardly Working


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Production Run Day One. Finally finished. A new cameraman to train, the return of Jay Bentley. Shooting outside in the 113° heat of Palm Springs, we had a lighting failure, a near-disaster with a tripod knock-over, our caterer broke his ankle, my printer ran out of ink while printing out release forms… But we made it. Data transferred, Tyler Rush picked up at the airport, tomorrow’s scene all planned and I’m ready to tackle tomorrow after a nice long sleep. Which I really need…

If you want to rent the house where we’re shooting, check out the website at

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Not A Surprise To Most Of Us In The Industry… There Will Be No State-Wide Condom Law.


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IMG_6082The state Senate Appropriations Committee did not act on AB 1576 today and the bill will not move forward.

I’ve had a lot of friends and followers send me very concerned messages about the proposed law that would have required condoms and STI testing and sero-sorting for all porn performers. Some I think were legitimately worried for my career (for the record, I never was) and some were just upset their bareback porn would now be produced in another state.

While a few studios ran to Vegas to produce (where porn is technically illegal to produce at all), most studios it seems didn’t buy the hype. Few of us thought it would pass. One exception was the noted and respect adult industry attorney Mark Randazza who was quoting as saying “I had my money on stupid winning this one.” So maybe it was more of a crap shoot than I thought.

AB 1576 was a very flawed piece of legislation that would have forced studios to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops in the interest of just shaming porn makers and hobbling their business. As long as the proper industry-mandated protocols have been followed, nobody has ever been infected on set of a porn shoot.

Diane Duke told XBIZ that the Free Speech Coalition was “grateful” to members of the Senate “who saw this bill for what it was — a bald-faced attempt to exploit performers for political gain.”

Which is all it was.

What few people realized was that the testing portion of the bill had already been struck as Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton, California attempted to get the condom-only piece through. Given the opposition to government mandated testing from other AIDS orgs, most people well-acquainted with the bill think it’s “very unlikely” that Hall/AHF will attempt to push testing again.

Adult industry attorney Allan Gelbard said “It would do nothing to protect public health, and actually would have the exact opposite effect as to protecting the health of performers. The fiscal effects on the state would be especially damaging.” And he was right.

Cal-OSHA will continue to push for mandatory condoms, most likely. But the industry will oppose it. And the fight will continue.

As you most likely know, I work for a gay porn studio that not only has a very strict condom policy, they have a very strict rule against working with performers that have performed in bareback movies. While a few people had assume that I would try to change this policy when I took the job of head of production… they were wrong. I fully support the condom-only policy of Titanmen and had no intention of challenging it.


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Turn that shit up louder


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The new Godsmack. Thanks for the vinyl, guys. Now let’s reissue that back catalogue?

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Morning Wood… doing my first viewing of the new Titanmen movie


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Doing the first viewing of my new movie Morning Wood. So far looking great. I’m my own worst critic and I’m obsessing over the colour balance in the first scene. I do that.

I’m generally not there for the whole editing process which takes place at the Titanmen studio in San Francisco. That means that I’m always having to watch clips of work once the editing is done and then make my comments or suggestions. Some movies I have a HUGE part in editing like Dick Danger and Nightfall. Other movies like Working Stiffs and Wide Awake, I just edited the story telling parts and then let the editing team handle the sex parts.

This is one of those movies that was pretty straight forward (it’s a collection of scenes that celebrate how much fun it is to fuck first thing in the morning). So since I was busy in production shooting my two up-coming movies Bad Cop and Hardly Working, I took a total back seat to the editing of this movie. Which means that I have limited control of what the final product looks like.

Now… I want to be very careful to point out that TP is a fantastic editor and having his touch on it was great… he know exactly what I wanted to show and is able to carve out my work from the raw material I gave him.

Still… I’m always obsessing about colour correction and certain cut-aways… It’s my thing.

You can see the finished movie soon at Titanmen.

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Coming Soon…


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Screenshot 2014-08-06 22.48.06

My next Titanmen movie Morning Wood will be released this month.

Some might remember that last year, I’d shot the first scene with Josh West and Jesse Jackman. Also in this movie are Dario Beck, Tom Wolfe (I’ll have a story about that scene soon), Nick Prescott and Tyler Edwards.

Coming soon to Titanmen.

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