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British Boxer Don Broadhurst drops his pants…


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broadhurst05Ruggerbugger have pictures of 29 year-old British boxer Don Broadhurst naked at a weigh in.

Remember that scene in Vision Quest where they hunky young wrestler takes off his shorts and weighs himself naked to hit his weight goal? Other than a then-not-that-famous Madonna playing a singer in a bar (for no reason at all other than to include two songs on the soundtrack) it’s the only part of the movie that anyone really remembered.

We’re big fans of when sports stars drop their pants here, so when we heard about this… well, Ruggerbugger is only a click away, right?

What is it about athletes that they can’t keep their fucking pants on?

Check out the gallery after the jump or head over to see the whole collection at Ruggerbugger.

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Gay Porn Star Boogie Shoes Karaoke


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Yes. It was Glee Day in the car that day. I do have to say that the moment from the show where this song is performed is one of the most uplifting moments in TV history. A young transgendered girl showing up in public dressed as a female for the first time… on stage in front of a huge audience. I think what I love about it so much is that while I can’t exactly relate to being transgendered, I CAN relate to finally saying “fuck it” and just laying everything about myself out for everyone to see and not really giving a shit about who likes it and who doesn’t.

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