Gonna be that kind of day.


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2018 Winter Olympics


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Yes, there was a lull in posts – but I’ve been busy drooling over the Men of the Olympics. Yes, there are a ton of hot guys, but these three – hot and openly gay. Now, I’m usually the one that is like… “cool, an athlete is gay.” When it comes to the Olympics though, I always gotta support the team. If you haven’t already, you need to follow them on twitter, be a fan, support the team! Eric Radford (@rad85e) is a Canadian Figure Skater, Adam Rippon (@adaripp) American Figure Skater and Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy) American Skier.

Now there are other Olympic Men worth checking out – Chris Mazdzer for starters – American – Luge.  Ok – first of, let me get on my soapbox about this sport. Really, this and skeleton…. really, now who thought it was an awesome idea to wear a skin tight outfit on, put on a helmet and some gloves and shoes with spikes in them, jump on a sled either feet first or head first and barrel down an icy chute?! And then, let’s make it more exciting and get into Doubles Luge… where we do all this… and then there’s another person laying on top of you… soooo, who ever that person was, cool, its awesome entertainment. But enough about that, Chris… he is one fine man. That face, with just the right amount of scruff… and from the neck down, it’s pretty good too! Right amount of muscle and right about of fur… let’s just leave it as I would be on his doubles team!

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Fleshjack in the Flesh


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Johnny catches Justin pleasuring himself with none other than his own Johnny Rapid edition Fleshjack. Johnny decides to fulfill his fantasy and offer him a chance at the real thing.

Now I’m always going to be that guy who catches background things and always wonders about stuff… like what the hell kind of bar is this place, or who’s house is this really, like look at the set up – it’s pretty epic and expensive. But then again I start to wonder, who keeps a dildo and fleshjack under the counter in their bar area? Of course, this is all just silly because you have two hot men fucking.

Lucky for Justin, he discovers these toys and then gets caught… by the real deal. I do love how Johnny walks in, and wants to watch more. And then the best part, Justin gets to fuck Johnny, and he’s shoving his dildo in his tight hole… I can honestly say this scene has made me want to go get my fleshjack and dildo out to go for a ride. This is one scene you don’t want to miss!

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Dick Patrol – Part 1


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Vadim gets stopped for speeding while on a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the tickets or time. Ashton, the cop, is corrupt enough to take in some ass in exchange for a pass go.

Ok – but really? Now don’t get me wrong, this is actually kind of a hot scene. At least while Officer Ashton is fucking Vadim, he keeps his uniform on, which is actually kind of hot. But let’s talk about that uniform though… really? Short shorts and flip flops? I like what Men.com does, but this is kind of up there with the entire Superman vs. Batman series where sexy as fuck Topher was in what looked like Superman Pajamas…

I totally give Ashton credit for looking hot as hell, but it feels very Reno 911 to me.. but hey, maybe that’s what they were going for.

Check it out for yourself.

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Ellis Fisher and Jack Hunter


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In his Cocky Boys debut, very experienced Ellis Fisher says upfront that he loves a huge cock in his ass…especially when he’s cumming. Still, he’s a bit anxious… because he’s taking on Jack Hunter! Fortunately Jack breaks the ice by going down on Ellis before taking out his already hard cock. A wide-eyed Ellis only hesitates briefly before hungrily sucking Jack and vocally feasting on and enjoying as much of his cock as he can. Soon enough Ellis wants some more sucking from Jack who quickly puts him in a state of heightened pleasure.

While Jack sucks Ellis, he deftly moves from handling his big balls to fingering his tight hole and making him moan louder. Ellis’ body writhes and contorts and his cock is so hard he’s wordlessly telling Jack he’s ready to be fucked. Ellis squats slowly on Jack’s cock and uses his deep-breathing techniques and bottoming experience to inch his way down and start riding him deeper & deeper. After giving Ellis leeway Jack takes a little more control and moves him up and down as he thrusts up into him in perfect sync.

In one smooth move Jack takes total control by bending over Ellis and giving him every inch with deeper and faster thrusts. He puts the stress test to Ellis’ bottoming credentials with a variation on a pile-driver before turning him round and fucking him on his back. In no time Jack pushes Ellis right over the edge and fucks him into a quivering, quaking orgasm that lasts longer than his substantial cumshot.  Jack is ready to blow too and as he lies back, Ellis recovers quickly to lick his balls and help them churn up a thick creamy load which erupts. down his shaft. Ellis lightly licks Jack’s still towering shaft in worshipful fashion before they kiss in a office welcome to Cocky Boys!


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Chaosmen: Barton & Zane


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Thank you Chaosmen for pairing two of my favourites in your roster together. I’ve written about Zane a lot, I love him. His big muscle body lightly dusted in hair always makes me cum. If you haven’t gotten into Barton yet, lemme tell you – this guy’s butt has such a wonderfully round shape it is mesmerizing.

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We Don’t Have Homosexuals In Alabama


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Hot gay dude with southern accent and red beard.

I blew a load in my pants before he made it to the actual part where he does a Leslie Jordan impression.

I want to gay sex him.

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Home Made Gay Butthole Pooper Poker Fail.


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I have no words.

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Size Matters


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Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud. Those of you who are DVD fans will remember this remarkable encounter from the DVD ‘Size Matter’, for most of you though this will be the first time you are seeing this XXL encounter.

Peter seems to definitely be the better at giving blow jobs, but I’m pretty sure that his dick is the biggest thing that Zac has ever tried to put in his mouth.

The fucking action here is fast paced and intense with Peter taking all that Zac can give. For those of you who are left wanting more huge dicks all bundled together for ease of viewing, we can highly recommend any of our Size Matters or Offensively Large titles.

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Some things are so sacred…


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Canadian New Wave diva Dalbello was way too talented for the New Wave scene in the 80s in Canada.

Her three albums Whomanforsays, She and Whore are all so perfect it’s hard to describe. But it was all a bit too much, including this single Black On Black that was about masturbating alter boys, sin and guilt and anger.

One of my favorite albums. I still put this one on a lot.

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